Cleaning Your Exteriors & Blasting Through Dirt in Lakeland

Lakeland Pressure Washing Service - Where Clean Exteriors are King!

We don't just clean houses we BLAST through the dirt!

Pressuring washing houses in Lakeland is something that our team does best! We utilize high-powered truck-mounted pressure washing equipment that breaks through the dirt barrier while leaving your surfaces intact. You can expect your siding, roof, gutters, and more to look shiny and new.

We also specialize in pressure washing hardscapes like sidewalks, driveways, fences, and more. Did you know that when the exterior of your home is neat and tidy, curb appeal increases? This can be an effective way to sell your home faster if you so desire.

In any case, our power washing services will make your home shine from the outside in. Our team at Lakeland Pressure Washing Services looks forward to working with you, call or email us now!

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Making Lakeland Homes Shine One Superior Service at a Time

Exterior House Pressure Washing Using Professional Methods

Your siding takes a beating from the elements and other environmental factors like bird droppings. Since the outside of your home is constantly exposed to moisture, it can be a breeding ground for mold, mildew, algae, and moss to grow.

Not only can these things cause terrible staining to your siding, but they also pose health risks. Plus, who wants this stuff growing on their house? What an eyesore!

Our house pressure washing service in Lakeland, FL, nips mold in the bus through highly pressurized water and disinfectant detergents. All dirt, debris, and stains will be removed in the process. Are you ready to trust us with your home's pressure washing service? Call us now to discuss your options further.

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patio cleaning service in lakeland

Pro Patio Cleaner in Lakeland

Like siding, patios have to withstand the elements of being outside 100% of the time. In Florida, we get lots of sunshine, so when a bird drops a little "gift" on your patio, the sun bakes in the mess leaving unsightly stains behind. Florida is also notorious for pop-up rainstorms that leave patio surfaces wet and susceptible to growing moss and algae.

Our team can effectively remove this debris from your pavers and concrete through patio cleaning services and completely refresh the surface.

You'll no longer have to look at grimy concrete when you're trying to enjoy yourself and entertain guests on your patio. Our fully licensed and insured company is here to serve you with expert Lakeland patio cleaning.

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Looking for a Lakeland Driveway Pressure Washer? *Raises Hand*

We aren't just any driveway pressure washer in Lakeland; we're the best! Our locally-owned and operated business uses many different power washing methods depending on the circumstance. If you have some issues with chipping concrete or brittleness in your driveway, we'll use our world-famous soft wash pressure washer.

This equipment allows us to effectively eat through stains and debris without harming your concrete. You can expect to see the driveway you once knew before the elements and bird droppings tainted it with stains. Let's get you on our schedule for services now!

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Second-to-None Fence Pressure Washing in Lakeland, Florida

Fences and gates are part of your home's hardscape collection, and they are just as important as sidewalks, driveways, and siding. Whether your fence is metal, steel, wood, or vinyl, our company has a way to remove corrosives, dirt, and animal matter from its surface.

We use specially formulated detergents coupled with highly pressurized water to blast through the gunk and reveal your gorgeous fence. We feel a good-looking fence is important to the curb appeal of your property. After all, it's one of the first things people see when they pass by your home. Let's give them something amazing to look at. Contact our team today to set you up with a free estimate on fence pressure washing services.

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Soft Wash Window Cleaning for Your Lakeland Home

Your windows are the proverbial eyes to your home. Nothing makes a house look cleaner than sparkling windows free from silt, dirt, and bird droppings. Our contractors have the skill and experiences to provide window cleaning to make your home look exceptional, and we apply detergents that help them stay that way by wicking away things that the elements like to drop onto them. We use a foolproof soft wash method to be tough on dirt but gentle on your glass. Trust us; you're going to love how your windows look once we're through. We're ready to show you what we're made of with window cleaning in Lakeland!

*Window cleaning not available in all areas.

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Affordable Lanai & Pool Deck Cleaning - Swim like a Boss!

Your pool deck and lanai are places of respite. You go to these areas of your home to relax, recharge, and entertain guests. How can you do this when there is algae, moss, and mold growing on your surfaces? Plus, these organic materials are health hazards. Our team of pressure washers will use our truck-mounted power washing equipment to safely and effectively rid your pool deck of any unsightly stains or hazardous materials. We're here to breathe new life into your lanai. You can say goodbye to the grit, grime, and gunk that's been plaguing your outdoor sanctuary with pool deck cleaning for your Lakeland home.

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Superior Lakeland Sidewalk Cleaning

Over time, sidewalks will darken due to the elements. At Lakeland Pressure Washing Services, we've seen dingy old sidewalks look like new again, all because of our industrial-strength cleaning products and equipment. Our truck-mounted pressure washing system buffs away grit and grime from your sidewalks with ease.

Stains, animal droppings, and moss don't stand a chance! In Florida, it's common for algae to grow on sidewalks, and we have disinfectants that break down bacteria of organic matter so that it doesn't grow again soon. Together, we can make your sidewalks look excellent with Lakeland sidewalk cleaning.

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#1 for Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Imagine going to a business for the first time and being greeted by a dirty, dank, grimy storefront. There is nothing inviting about a commercial building that looks unkempt. You don't want your dirty commercial building to be a deterrent to your customers.

Plus, the longer silt, acid rain materials, and other debris sit on your siding and roof, the more it breaks down your building. These organic matter compounds eat away at paint, siding, and molding. Our team will use our soft wash method to break through all of the dirt and grime that is mucking up your building. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the Lakeland commercial pressure washing results!

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Other Lakeland Exterior Residential Pressure Washing Services

From pavers to lawn ornaments like statues, our company is able to clean these items using our tried-and-true soft wash pressure cleaning methods. There's nothing that our team can't clean. We use a variety of hand tools and mechanical implements that effectively remove dirt, silt, and other grime from wood, concrete, vinyl, and more. Our soft wash system ensures that the perfect amount of pressure is released to protect the integrity of your property. Are you ready for all of your Lakeland residential exteriors to be cleaned like never before? Call us now to get on our schedule for residential pressure washing in Lakeland.

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Are You in Our Local Service Areas?

Lakeland Pressure Washing Service is here to meet all of your exterior residential soft wash needs. If you are located in or around Plant City, Auburndale, Winter Haven, Bartow, or Lakeland Highlands, we're here to serve you with the best power washing in the state of Florida. We're a locally owned and operated company with competitive rates.

Squeaky Clean Pressure Washing at Your Service! 

Lakeland Pressure Washing Service is here to ensure your commercial and residential buildings look better than the day they were built through expert soft wash cleaning. Call us at (863) 204-0994
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