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Power washing services come in many shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the customer. That's why our company offers other residential power washing in Lakeland. Sometimes, you need more than your house power cleaned. We're available to wash any exterior hardscape, like fences, driveways, gutters, statues, and garden decor.

Since 2012, we have been making the outer appearances of residential homes look great. We use a combination of truck-mounted equipment and eco-friendly soaps to get the job done without harming the environment. You'll be amazed by what an afternoon of power washing can do for the curb appeal of your property.

Did you know that our licensed and insured business touts the lowest rates in the local area? We believe everyone should have access to high-quality and affordable pressure washing services. Please call or email our team today to get started with a FREE estimate!

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How Does Residential Pressure Washing Benefit Me?

Residential pressure cleaning in Lakeland, Florida, has many benefits that most homeowners enjoy. For one, keeping the exterior of your home looking spiffy increases curb appeal. Also, everyone wants a sparkling clean house that makes those passing by turn their heads in awe, right? So here are some other reasons to hire a pro for power washing services:

  • Saves Money - Not only does pressure washing your home exteriors make your palace look great, but it preserves its integrity. Environmental substances like bird poop and salt from the air degrade wood, concrete, and paint.
  • A Great Primer - Are you getting ready to re-stain your deck and maybe put a fresh coat of paint on your house? Then, get ahead of the game with power washing services! It's a must-have before applying any paint or sealant.
  • It's Healthy - Did you know mold, mildew, and algae grow on outside surfaces? Florida has a high humidity rate almost 100% of the time, which makes mold very happy. Cleaning it off with targeted detergents makes your outdoor spaces healthier.
  • Environmentally Friendly - We only use soaps and detergents that are safe for plants, people, and pets. Most DIY brands cannot make that promise.
  • Increases Property Value - Who has time to power wash their residential hardscapes? When you hire our team of professionals, we'll have the job done in no time flat.

Would you like to dive deeper into our residential power washing services? The company blog page is chock-full of information that we know you'll love.

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Today is a GREAT Day for Residential Pressure Washing in Lakeland!

Whether you need whole house pressure washing in Lakeland or you'd like to tidy up those fences, our company has your back. Has it been a while since you had professional power washing services? Maybe you haven't ever had them. That's OK! Our equipment is strong enough to tackle decades of dirt, grit, and grime.

You'll be waving goodbye to those driveway stains that have looked you in the eye for so many years. Oil, grease, and other automotive stains don't stand a chance against our methods. Perhaps, you desire power washing services for your roof, but you're afraid your shingles can't handle the powerful blasts of water.

Your roof and other delicate surfaces are great candidates for the soft wash method. Please call our team today to learn more about soft washing and to get a no-cost estimate of services.

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Lakeland's Most Efficient Residential Power Washers!

Everyone will agree that keeping the interior of the home clean is a must. So why don't we give that same attention to the exterior? Most people don't realize how much damage from organic and environmental substances is being infringed upon their outdoor hardscapes.

Roofing materials, siding, pavement, and solid outdoor deco require just as much, if not more, TLC than your interior surfaces. We make sure to give your other residential exteriors the VIP treatment that it deserves.

You can count on our fully licensed and insured company, Lakeland Pressure Washing Services, to care for your property as if it were our own. How about we get you on the schedule right now? All you have to do is fill out our easy online contact form.



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"Lakeland Pressure Washing is extremely customer focused. Very professional and fast to come out and give a reasonable quote. The team also followed up to make sure everything about the service was up to my standards. This is how all business should be run! I highly recommend them."
- Whitney H.

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Lakeland Pressure Washing Services is dedicated to keeping your home and business squeaky clean...at least on the outside. We offer affordable roof & gutter cleaning, paver sealing, and exterior house and commercial exterior power washing.

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Lakeland Pressure Washing Service is here to ensure your commercial and residential buildings look better than the day they were built through expert soft wash cleaning. Call us at (863) 204-0994
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