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Are you looking for a reliable patio cleaner in Lakeland, FL? We've got you covered! Lakeland Pressure Washing Services has been in business for many years. We offer a variety of patio cleaning services that include traditional pressure washing and our world-famous soft wash method.

We only use the best tools, equipment, and soaps in the industry to ensure your patio looks like new again. Mold, mildew, and dirt don't stand a chance against us! Our goal is to swiftly remove stains and build-up from your patio pavers and concrete so you can continue to enjoy this space for years to come.

Placing a call to our office today will get you a no-strings-attached consultation, estimate, and appointment for services. Let's get you on the path to a cleaner patio right now!

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The Many Benefits to Hiring Professional Patio Cleaners in Lakeland...

Living in Lakeland, Florida, means you see a lot of rainfall. All Floridians are aware of those pop-up rainstorms that leave everything in their wake drenched, and this includes your patio. Rainfall like this leaves your concrete and pavers susceptible to mold growth.

Our patio cleaning services in Lakeland blast through mold and mildew like nobody's business! Pressure washing not only rids your nation of mildew and moss but also tackles tough stains from grease, dirt, and other environmental factors. If you're trying to sell your home, having a clean patio can significantly increase the value.

Professional patio cleaning also protects your investment. Debris left to build-up on your patio surfaces will eventually break down the material and result in costly repairs. If you give us a call, our technicians can give you more information on why pro patio cleaning is a great choice.

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Did you know that mold and mildew buildup on your patio can lead to health hazards for you and your family? For one, mold is very slippery and cause you to fall when walking over it. That's not a good situation when you're entertaining guests and isn't something your homeowner's insurance will appreciate.

Mold is also harmful to air quality, and each time you step in it, you're going to bring the substance into your home. Our team of affordable patio cleaners in Lakeland has the right equipment and detergents to blast away mold, grit, and grime off your patio.

Remember, the longer debris sits on your bricks, pavers, and concrete, the more damage it is doing. Let's get this problem taken care of right away before it ends up costing you money in avoidable repairs.

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Lakeland's Finest Patio Cleaning Services for Your Home & Business

It doesn't matter if your patio is on residential or commercial property; our team will be there to clean it for you. Your patio has never been pressure washed before? That's OK! Our equipment is capable of blasting away years of dirt and grime.

You'll be amazed by what we can do and how affordably we can do it! Our Lakeland patio cleaners are novices at pressure washing. There is no stain too tough for them to tackle. Our top priority is making your patio a place of rest and relaxation again. It's difficult to entertain guests or enjoy a glass of sweet tea on a dirty patio.

We guarantee that once we're done pressure washing your pavers, you'll see a marked difference in color and appeal. Say goodbye to stuck on stains and dirt and adios to mold. Are you ready to put your trust in our fully licensed and insured patio cleaners?



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"Lakeland Pressure Washing is extremely customer focused. Very professional and fast to come out and give a reasonable quote. The team also followed up to make sure everything about the service was up to my standards. This is how all business should be run! I highly recommend them."
- Whitney H.

Expert Pressure Washing Services in Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland Pressure Washing Services also offers incredible exterior cleaning! Here, you'll find high-quality fence, driveway, siding, and roof pressure washing and soft washing services. We even do windows! Allow our team of professional pressure washers to make your exteriors squeaky clean so that the curb appeal of your home or office is bringing its A-game to the neighborhood.

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Squeaky Clean Pressure Washing at Your Service! 

Lakeland Pressure Washing Service is here to ensure your commercial and residential buildings look better than the day they were built through expert soft wash cleaning. Call us at (863) 204-0994
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